The World’s Embrace of Rape Culture

“Don’t wear that, you’ll look like a streetwalker” “Your shorts are too short” “You’re showing too much skin” “Men will think you’re open for business” “Don’t drink so much or you might be taken advantage of”
All of these are things that I’m sure most females over the age 16 have heard. They’re intended to save the young women from the prying eyes of pedophiles and rapists, but what are these words really teaching women? These statements tell women that WE are the reasons for being raped and that WE can control whether or not we are abused by what we do.
My main question is, how is my wearing a turtleneck versus a belly shirt going to stop a rapist if he was going to rape someone anyway? My shorts don’t have “come rape me” written across the butt and my tank top doesn’t say “I ❤ Assault" either, so why does the world seem to think that what I wear will be the reason for my getting raped?
I once had a conversation with my mother about my wearing a bra around the house. She basically told me that I should wear more clothing around my step father because he wouldn't be responsible for what he does to me if I'm not dressed properly. My response was, "so you're saying that if he rapes me, it's my fault?" And she said yes. I'm not sure why she would invite a man into her home whom she suspects might assault her daughter, but that's beside my point.
Men are not taught not to touch women. At best, they are told not to hit women, but they aren't told that unwilling sex is wrong and that "no means no." They hear women being chastised for wearing or doing certain things because men might hurt them and grow up believing that it is their job to abuse whatever unfortunate female they may come across. We should teach our sons to respect women in all ways possible and let them know that assault is wrong. They have no right to tell a woman what to wear, nor do they have the right to touch one because she "looks like a whore."
If I wear short shorts and maybe drink a little too much, it's my prerogative. I bought these shorts to wear them and I want to drink a little bit tonight since I've been working so hard throughout the week. This does not mean there is an "open" sign on my vagina and it does not mean I'm a whore. A drunken woman is just a drunken man minus the penis. Call her a cab and get her home safely. Don't rape her because she's drunk. A girl wearing less clothing than others isn't a whore. Maybe she thinks she looks good and who are you to take that away from her by putting your hands on her? Don't let the world's twisted way of thinking get in the way of what's right and what's wrong.

"If you think my shorts are too short, consider this: 1. They're called shorts 2. I look great!"